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Auto seals is an important indicator to measure the quality of the vehicle. Sealing system is one of the most widely used parts in automobile. The sealing system primarily plays a role in filling the gap, absorbing and reducing vibration, deadening the noise, providing a route for mobile parts, and making up the errors in metal plate fabrication and assembly.About China auto seals competitive landscape of the market, automobile weatherstrip is analogous to overall auto parts pattern in China. Local Chinese automobile weatherstrip companies support mainly homegrown brands and low-emission models, while most joint-venture brands and high-end auto models prefer weatherstrips from large multinational auto parts companies. Like Chery Seal ,Mazda Seal, Nissan seal, Volvo seal.Automotive seal manufacturers are mainly joint ventures or sole-investor enterprises set up by a dozen auto groups, resulting in a relatively stable pattern of supply and demand.
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